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My website strategy sessions are live one-on-one sessions to help you build an action plan for your website.  Whether you're remodeling an existing site or starting from scratch we'll figure out the exact right step for you to take next.

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In 1997 I graduated with my degree in Management Information Systems and Computer Science.  I went right to work for IBM and immediately started finding ways to build technology products to help streamline business processes.

My specialty became web technology.  Whether it was eCommerce, SaaS, or implementing third party APIs into websites.

I've worked with organizations ranging from Solo-preneurs to multi-billion dollar international corporations.  My strength is helping you see through the jungle of web  technologies and focus on a the strategy that leads you to success.

I'm looking for the next opportunity to work with entrepreneurs like you.  To get started use my calendar to book an available session with me.

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