Building and launching a website can be intimidating. That's understandable. Anytime you step into a new skill you are out of your comfort zone.

The good news is that with some guidance and the right tools you can be successful.

Tools like WordPress and Elementor simplify the building process for you. You don't have to be a coder to build fully functional sites. Even e-commerce is within your reach if you follow the right steps.

I've been teaching people for years how to build and launch their websites using a process that works time and time again. I've boiled it down to the most straightforward approach that even the greenest beginner can follow and have their website up and running in under 48 hours (usually much less).

I don't try to impress you with complex technical terms or theories on web design and programming. I keep everything in plain English with step-by-step instructions. That's the best way to ensure you won't get frustrated and walk away.

The goal is to take you from a blank page to a fully operational site in just a few hours. You'll then have the foundational skills you need to build on your site or launch additional sites in the future.

Paying someone to set up your website could easily cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Worse, there's always the back and forth that comes with any project to make sure it's exactly what you're looking for. That's the main reason I created my training, I wanted to teach people to fish so they could build exactly what they wanted without the cost of hiring a web designer.

So, when I first started training I charged $500 for one on one sessions. What I quickly realized was that I could condense everything I was teaching hands-on into an online course and make it available even more affordably. So, That's exactly what I did.

I created my Website-101 course on Teachable for $50.

Enrollment is open now at