In 2013 I read what was, and still is, in my opinion the most insightful process management book around.

The Goal by Eli Goldratt is a business book in novel format.  It follows the ups and downs of an embattled plant manager Alex Rogo, as he tries to save his plant from the corporate chopping block.Throughout the book lessons of process management are taught via Alex and his team's trials by fire.  From interfering executives to demanding customers to capacity constraints, the heroes battle through learning and improving along the way.

At times you will feel that the pace is a bit slow and that you are a step or two ahead of the insights that are revealed but this is intentional.  You will understand the concepts being presented more fully as you find yourself encouraging the characters to reach the conclusion you've already come to.  When they finally get there there's an odd sense of satisfaction.

If you are feeling the pains of a struggling process you will find many comparisons in The Goal.  Much of the commentary that you will find online about the book talks about how eerily similar to real life situations it is.

I can't recommend this book more highly.  It is on my regular re-read rotation.  I always seem to gain some new insight each time I go through it.  I'm sure you will too.

Question: Have you read it?  Do you relate to it as much as I have?  Let me know you your answers in the comments below.

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