Terraform Book Review

Terraform Up & Running: Writing Infrastructure as Code by Yevgeniy Brikman is the introduction I used to begin building cloud infrastructure as code. This Terraform book review explains how this book succeeds in getting you started writing infrastructure as code quickly and efficiently.

Infrastructure as code is the next step beyond manual systems administration. It enables you to manage large scale infrastructures at a much lower cost. If you need an introduction to Amazon Web Services first, I recommend my free Amazon Web Services Essentials course.

My Thoughts

terraform book review

This book is an outstanding introduction to Terraform. Its focus is on Amazon Web Services even though Terraform can be used with other cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. It provides a hands-on approach with labs and exercises that you can work through to build your understanding of Terraform.

The beginning chapters introduce basic concepts to help you learn the syntax and logic of Terraform. As the book progresses you are taught architectural and conventional theories that build on the basic knowledge. So, your ability to create more sophisticated systems grows.

Experience Level

This book is for beginner to intermediate experience levels. You can get started right away with no knowledge of Terraform. However, you should have a basic knowledge of Amazon Web Services in order to understand the concepts being discussed.

Recommendation: Terraform Book Review

I recommend that if you are starting to explore Terraform that you start with this book. It will point you in the right direction and help you form good architectural and conventional habits from the start.

If you already have some experience with Terraform, this book will also be helpful. It will give you direction on how to construct and organize your infrastructure code.

Unless you are an experienced Terraform professional I highly recommend adding Terraform: Up & Running to your technology library today.

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