AWS Tutorial Workbook – Free Sample


Give your paycheck a boost!  Learn AWS Cloud Today!

Did you know that in December 2017 Gartner Estimated that nearly 45% of Cloud solutions Ran on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform…?

It’s true!  The demand for AWS engineers has never been higher. If you are looking for an opportunity to be a sought after, highly compensated technology professional AWS is that opportunity.

Why invest in learning a new technology now?

AWS is one of THE hottest technologies today!  Learning AWS now sets you up for success in these key ways:

  • Stay Relevant – The WORST thing that can happen to a technology professional today is to be a specialist in an obsolete technology.  All the time and effort invested in learning those skills wasted when the technology is no longer in favor.  AWS is on an unprecedented growth path.  Investing in this technology means you have many years to enjoy being an expert in a relevant and needed technology.
  • Leader of the pack – Getting a head start on the others late to learning AWS gives you the opportunity to set the pace for your organization and become the “Go To” person when it comes to cloud computing.
  • Strike gold! – Supply and demand is kicking in with AWS.  The demand for skilled AWS engineers has already surpassed the supply.  Companies are luring talent with bigger and bigger paychecks.  Having the “skills” does more than “Pay the Bills” these days.

Hands On AWS Learning

This workbook walks you step by step through seven essential AWS technologies to give you a solid foundation to build on.  At the end of this course you will be able to build your own AWS infrastructure to help businesses reduce costs and scale as system demand grows.

Get your copy today!

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AWS Tutorial Workbook – Free Sample

Businesses seek peek performance and minimal cost by moving to AWS cloud.  For that reason, Demand for experienced cloud engineers rises every day.  Therefore, real world experience makes you extremely valuable.  This AWS Tutorial workbook is a free sample of my full length, project based workbook for Amazon Web Services.  Try this workbook absolutely free to see if the full length tutorial is for you.

Seven core technologies form the basis of the AWS Cloud platform:

In this work book you learn each technology, building one upon the other until you've completed your first infrastructure project.

AWS Tutorial Web Farm

The skills you acquire give you confidence to build real world solutions using AWS.  That's why, in this work book you will construct a fully operational multi-server web farm.  It teaches you the technologies to build infrastructure that scales with demand while minimizing cost. In addition, you learn how to fully automate deployment and recovery in the event of service interruption.

The exercises in this work book start at the beginning.  That means, no prior knowledge assumed or required.  You receive step by step instruction to help build your skills from the very first page.  In this way, you learn at your own pace.

Opportunities Await

For the experienced Cloud engineer a sea of opportunity awaits.  Therefore, If you want to broaden your career opportunities this work book starts you on your voyage.

Mastering AWS technologies puts you in a position to advance within your company or find new options elsewhere.  Invest in your own advancement.

Don't Wait!

Do not wait until tomorrow.  Days turn into weeks and weeks turn into years.  Don't wake up one day realizing you missed the best time to seize your opportunity.  Don't tell yourself you'll get to it tomorrow.  Delaying the start delays your achievement.

Get started on your future.  Learn the foundation skills of AWS today.