Nat Thompson

Nat Thompson provides leadership in technology, automation, and project management through his writing and coaching.

His career spans over twenty-two years of experience with companies ranging from multi-million to billions of dollars in annual revenue.


Working with large corporations such as IBM provided Nat the opportunity to experience business systems at scale. In his career, he used these opportunities to grow his technical skills and business systems knowledge. This knowledge allows him to provide insight into best practices and strategic vs. tactical approaches for businesses ranging from solo practitioners to global enterprises.


Nat specializes in helping companies find strategic ways of addressing challenges. His portfolio includes articles, books, as well as one to one and group coaching.

Nat Thompson writes about Passive Income, business technology, and project management. He contributes articles to sites such as Simple ProgrammerNat’s blog focuses on practical advice and how to implement technology and processes to automate income with systems that are as low touch as possible.

Coaching with Nat Thompson

One to one and group coaching lets Nat share his knowledge in an interactive way. These sessions include problem-solving, goal setting, and accountability. Clients needing more hands-on help find this approach invaluable.


For projects and strategic initiatives consulting delivers proven results. Therefore, Nat Thompson consults in his areas of expertise to provide proposals, road maps, and strategies. Through his consulting, he develops products, platforms, and process automation that significantly impact bottom-line performance.

Whether an organization needs increased revenue opportunities or decreased cost, Nat delivers actionable advice through his expert consulting on systems and automation.

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