Kanban Board Free Version for Excel

kanban board in excel

The Kanban Board Free in Excel tool enables you to manage your work in process visually via the world's most popular Kanban Software, Excel.  No third-party tools are required.  Use the project management tools you already have at your disposal to plan and manage the work your team has lined up.

What is Kanban?

First used in manufacturing, kanban is a workflow management system based on visual cards on a centralized board.  Stages of the workflow process are represented as columns and cards represent work in process.  Cards move from left to right on the board showing their progress towards completion.

Where is Kanban used?

After gaining popularity in manufacturing, kanban next became popular in software development.  When you walked into a software development team's area you would be greeted by whiteboards covered in sticky notes.  Teams faithfully gathered around these boards each day to conduct stand-up meetings, and miniature status meetings, to communicate progress and plans for the day.

It wasn't long until teams began to look for digital solutions.

Why Excel for Kanban?

Excel has been and still is one of the most prolific project management tools today.  It is the default spreadsheet tool for most organizations worldwide.  With its ease of access and powerful functionality, it is well-suited for providing Kanban boards for organizational teams.

How does Kanban Board In Excel work?

The Excel tool has multiple sheets to allow you to enter team and task information.  As this information is updated the Kanban board sheet updates automatically.  From there, you can print the board, save it as a PDF or image, and distribute it to your team as your needs require.

The flexibility that comes with using Excel for your Kanban board makes it suitable for practically any agile team.

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Ready for an Upgrade?

If you are in need of more room to manage a larger team or a bigger project Kanban Board for Excel Professional is what you are looking for.  It allows you to add additional team members and a larger number of tasks.

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