It's Still Magic Even If You Know How It's Done

Terry Pratchett

A lot of career technologists like to build complex applications and products, layering on technology after technology just to prove it can be done. That's a dangerous game to play.

A smarter move is to build products that work and delight the people that use them with the fewest moving parts as possible. This will still amaze while reducing risk and showing the magic of technology in its simplest form.

Seek to impress through utility, experience, and reliability, not through how high you can stack the technology house of cards. Some of the most mesmerizing magicians employ only a coin and string in their repertoire. Their performances are no less enjoyable.

Truly genius CTOs work in the medium of minimalism. They draw on their creativity to deliver masterful performances from the most basic of elements. Their audiences all know how it is done, but are no less pleased with the outcome. They respect the mastery and effort required to perform wonders with the most basic of tools and techniques.

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