I had a great strategy session with an Entrepreneur in Brazil last night. He's owned and operated businesses for the last nine years and now wants to provide consulting to other entrepreneurs in the entertainment/nightclub space.

He had questions about how to get started. What should he do first to start building his reputation? How could he begin with the end in mind and think about being able to scale as demand for his help grows? How could he start to connect with potential clients? Where could he find them? How to reach out to them?

Strategic Action Plan

Talking through his goals we came up with the following action plan:

1. Set up a base of operations on his own website. This way he has the reigns fully in hand and can control his direction as he sees fit.

2. Create posts about his experience in overcoming the obstacles he's encountered in his business career. This will provide value to any entrepreneur following the same path as well as help establish his reputation as a consultant.

3. Search for the questions he has heard before from other entrepreneurs starting out, join the communities where they are being asked, provide answers when he can, and offer direction to the posts he has written as an additional resource for the community members.

4. Establish a newsletter for those that need his help and publish valuable, actionable advice each week.

The goal is to first serve his potential clients and then when they need more 1:1 consulting they will come to him.

I love these strategy sessions. I get to meet interesting and ambitious people from around the world, learn about what they are working on, and help them create a plan for getting to where they want to go.

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I can't wait to meet you!