How does a CTO build an effective team?

Look for complementary and diverse team members. Seasoned professionals, mid-career specialists, and new entrants all have perspectives to offer that will blend together to create a more robust team. When you stack donuts you have a team with the same massive blind spots.

Seek the right fit for your team. Skills can be learned. Look for team members that are enthusiastic and that want to be part of the team.

This fit is key even when you are hiring through agencies to fill your technical positions. In the early days when it is still feasible, always talk directly to candidates you are considering bringing in. Work to instill the ability to effectively evaluate candidates for fit in other members of your team. That way, when your organization has grown beyond your capacity you will be assured that fit remains a core value when bringing people into your team.

Focus on people as much or more than technology as a CTO.

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