For the last couple of days I have had off and on issues with Visual Studio and the Android Virtual Device, AVD, manager.  I will get my mobile app running smoothly, make what seems to be an innocuous change and then everything goes to hell in a handbasket.

The AVD won't launch, or deploying to it consumes all of its allocated memory, or the damn thing just crashes without a watchable error.

Major frustration.

The first round ended up in a reboot which triggered a Windows update.  As far as those go it was relatively short, thirty minutes all told.

But, when I resumed Visual Studio, no love.  The AVD would not launch.

I noticed the notification flag in the top bar of Visual Studio and clicking on it revealed a series of pending VS updates.  I kicked those off and discovered a pending 4GB download!

That one simmered over night while I slept off my frustration.

In the morning VS greeted me happily but the AVD still would not launch.  This time the complaint was an outdated HAX driver.  One more update and a relaunch of Visual Studio and Hallelujah!

I'm in business.  Just in time for the prior commitments to take precedence.

I will get back to coding this app soon.  Come hell or high water.  Just not as soon as I would have liked.