In my opinion technology builds momentum.  Wheels were invented to solve the problem of transportation beyond the strength of people or animals.  This led a the problem of needing well maintained roads.

Solving that problem led to the problem of traffic which led to the solution being regulations for the road.  That in turn led to the need for enforcement of the regulations.

Each technological solution allows for the creation of a more complex problem to solve, which demands problem solving and expands the capability of what can be created.

It builds momentum.  Eventually we reach the moon, or Mars or Alpha Centurai.  

Is there an end? I don't think so.  I think there are pauses while we struggle with a particularly challenging problem but then we leap forward into a whole new realm of possibilities.

We solve problems, build complexity and gain momentum.  

Round and round the mulberry bush.

Good or bad?   Who's to say?

— Nat