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nat thompson profile photoI was an intern in college when I learned the first valuable lesson of my career.  It was, “If you know how to do something that needs doing that no one else knows how to do your value skyrockets.”

This was the case with me and the team I was working with.  Part of our contract stated that we would produce a weekly report of the work that had been done to solve problems and deliver projects.  The problem was, no one could figure out how to make the reporting software generate the output that was needed.  So, being the bright-eyed youngster I was I jumped in with both feet and figured it out.

Our management team jumped for joy when I handed them the report.  They were tired of getting beat over the head by our client each week when they didn't have what we had promised to deliver.  This one report brought me positive recognition and led directly to a job offer and my first real world position post college.

From that point on I have always sought out opportunities to learn new skills and technologies to make myself as valuable as possible.  However, there was a twist I learned later on that made my approach even more profitable.

You see, if EVERYONE is jumping into a new skill or technology pretty soon the rewards are going to be diluted and the value is going to diminish.  It's the typical red ocean scenario.

So, my approach was to find an in demand skill that gave off just enough of an intimidating air to keep most people from giving it a serious consideration.  I told myself, “With enough patience and persistence and the right teacher I can learn any subject or skill.”  With that in mind I got to work.

Over the years of my career I learned database administration, database programming, web development, systems infrastructure, project management, systems security, and cloud infrastructure.  Each skill made me more valuable and helped bump my paycheck to the next level.

I climbed the corporate ladder of responsibility and compensation for over twenty years with this approach.  I built my reputation as a problem solver and the “go to” person for the areas I had studied and applied.  Now, I have opportunities available to me that I never could have dreamed of back in that intern cubicle in college.

Look at my salary growth over my career…

Salary Growth Chart

Here's how this approach puts you in the top 10% of US Salaries

Today, one of the top opportunities for skill growth in technology is Amazon Web Services, AWS.  

Gartner has named AWS a leader in 2020 for Cloud Services. 

Gartner Magic Quadrant 2020 Cloud Platform Comparison

The Magic quadrant shows AWS far outpacing the competition as leaders in the Cloud Infrastructure and Platform services space.

It is very clear where the demand is and will be for skilled cloud professionals for the foreseeable future.

So, what does this mean for you?

It means there is opportunity to dive into AWS and boost your salary to the top 10% in the US!

According to GlobalKnowledge.com the current average income for an AWS developer in the US is $130,883 annually.

AWS Certified Associate Salary

Based on that, the average AWS Certified Solutions Architect at the entry Associate level earns more annually than 90% of US salaries!

Salary Percentiles List

So, how do you get started?

I've put together the system I used to jump feet first into AWS.  There's no better way to learn a technology than to get hands on.  That's why I've built this system around constructing a real-world project that will teach you everything you need to know to get a firm foundation set with AWS.

Here's Exactly What you will find in my AWS Essentials System

The top seven technologies that make up the core of AWS and make you extremely valuable immediately to current and potential employers.

The keys to understanding AWS infrastructure so you and your company don't make the most common mistakes when setting up your AWS foundation

My personal organizational system I used to build on what I had already learned to multiply my my learning investment and come away with a practical understanding that I could put to use right away

Hands on exercises that have you actually working with AWS technology so you are gaining work experience even as you train in the system

You will make it absolutely clear that you are a skilled professional that knows exactly what they're doing when planning and building AWS infrastructures

You will be able to give your organization tactics and strategies it has been lacking when implementing AWS cloud infrastructure 

The respect that you've been looking for as an IT professional

Here's Exactly What You're About to get Your Hands on...

Module One | Connecting with AWS

The first step to getting hands-on with the AWS environment.

Module Two| Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)

Building a fleet of servers in the cloud

Module Three| Route 53

Exposing your servers to the world

Module Four| Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

Walls around your garden

Module Five| Simple Storage System (S3)

Enabling your systems to grow!

Module Six | Relational Database System (RDS)

Scalable database backend

Module Seven | Elastic File System

Self healing, scalable file system

Here's Why I Spent Six Months of Trial and Error Just to Learn These Skills...

The best approach to learning any technology is hands on.  To truly get an understanding of how AWS works and build a solid workshop based system to teach it I had to get elbow deep in the technology.  It took a lot of trial and error and understanding based on my 24 years of technology experience to chart the right curriculum.

I wanted the course to work for season technology veterans and beginners alike.  I'm happy to say that I'm confident this system achieves that goal.

Here's Why This System Would Normally Cost $1,995

If I were to bring you in and train you myself, it would easily take 20 hours to just cover the basics and make sure you understand them.  At nearly $100/hour, that would be a very expensive three days…as per usual with private instruction.

One of the reasons I can offer the system at this price is because it is completely digital and avoids any shipping costs.  You get the entire system INSTANTLY!

Because of that, I'm releasing the AWS Essentials System today at the lowest price possible…

Normally $250

Today Just $149

AWS Course Guarantee

Here's All You Need to Do Now...

To get you hands on the AWS Essentials Learning System right now, have your credit card ready and use my secure order form.

Take a minute to fill in the short order form, then you will be taken to your confirmation page.  Your download link will be emailed to you right away.

If you have any questions email me at support@natthompson.com and I will get right back to you.

Just fill out the form below to get instant access…

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