Agile Project Management Books

Reading Agile Project Management Books is critical to staying current on agile practices. Project management, especially agile project management, continues to evolve in theory and practice. Staying up to date on the current state of the art is an important undertaking for you in your project management career.

There are some great agile project management books that can help you grow your knowledge and understanding of agile project management. I've listed several here that I recommend any project manager focused on agile projects add to their library.

A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge

(PMBoK Guide) 6th Edition

The PMBoK Guide is the foundation any Project Manager should have for their library. Published by the Project Management Institute, it has been the core of project management practice for years. Start with this book and you be off and running.

The Goal

Wait! This book was released in the 80's. How could it have anything to do with Agile Project Management?

This book can be considered a sort of origin story for agile. It is solidly founded on the principles of value driven production, not capacity optimization. It's packed full of practical, actionable steps while telling an entertaining story.

Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time

If you are looking for a primer on building an agile practice based on Scrum in your organization this book provides the blueprint. It not only tells you how but also provides the why to help motivate organizations into adopting agile and Scrum.


This book recounts the author's experiences in struggling with project delivery and the system he and his team developed to succeed. It is full of best practices, techniques and strategies for the Agile Project Manager to learn and practice.

Critical Chain

Another of Dr. Goldratt's “Business Novels” aimed squarely at the practice of project management. This book is another parable that teaches the fundamentals of agile project management to project managers. The novel story telling style helps bring the information taught closer to home.

Your Next Read

Any of these agile project management books would be a great place to start expanding your knowledge and library. Which ones have you read or do you plan to read? Please leave your feedback in the comments.

Happy reading!

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