Git is my go to source control management tool.  It works no matter what the technology or platform of the project I'm working on involves.  I'll be honest.  It took a little brain power to understand when I first switched over to it to get a good grasp on it.

When files disappear from a working directory when you checkout a different branch it can be a little stressful when you weren't expecting that behavior.  However, git will do it's best to protect you from losing changes so there's some safety net there.

If you are about to make the switch to git, or if you've already done it and feel you need some help, there's help out there.  I've collected my Recommended Git Resources for Developers in an easy, one page resource repository.

It includes books, courses, and tools that I used to become proficient with Git.  I will be keeping it maintained on a regular basis to make sure it stays up to date and always includes the most helpful and relevant resources for you as a developer.

If you have any Git resources that I've missed, please post in the comments below.  I'll review them and those that are helpful will land on my resources page.

Happy coding!